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Perhaps not surprisingly, within Australia, Queensland is the place to go for all things Jet Ski and PWC. Particularly if you are after brand options. Not really surprising given that, from a weather perspective, Queensland is roughly the Australian equivalent of Florida (and though we may have less people, we do have bigger reptiles up north - well, I think that's a good thing ;-)

Given that any Personal Watercraft is a substantial financial investment, purchasing form a reputable and well resourced dealer is probably a good idea. If 2020 has shown anything, it is just how quickly fragile business models dissappear when the SHTF.

Another fundamental and totally necessary expense will be adequate insurance. Though one is far more likely to damage a PWC getting it in and out of the water, rather than while it is on the water. The sad reality is that when a PWC is on a trailer, it's ready to be hauled away by anyone - and not necessarilly just the legitinate owner.

Some PWC Insurance Notes:

Some Aussie Jet Ski / PWC Insurance Options

Austbrokers SPT Jet Ski & PWC Insurance

Club Marine Insurance

Nautilus Marine Personal Watercraft Insurance

YOUI Watercraft insurance / for individuals

Think security and don't let your dream machine become someone elses black-market PWC spare parts and/or upgrade.

Thanks for taking the time - Be smart, enjoy your sport, stay safe and lookout for others!

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