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Is your Jet Ski / PWC registered
and are you licensed to operate it?



Do you have the safety gear you need,
know how to use it
and what is required by law?



Tours a great way to have an Adventure without the worry over the details or needing someone to watch your back.


Too Good To Miss!

Going to Bruny, See it All!



 Cairns Coast With thousands of kilometres of magical coastline around the biggest island in the world (ok, well, we like to think it is), Australia offers some truly superb Jet Ski tours and Personal WaterCraft safaris ranging from scenic and relatively tame sightseeing to full on gut-wrenching and wave-crashing adventures.
 Bay of Fires Tasmania
And then of course there are the islands, like Tasmania, that are a whole world unto themselves. You want some amazing coastline, come and check Tassie out.
 Adventure Bay Bruny Island Tasmania
While at Bruny Island in Tassie, check out Island Scenic Flights.

Australian Jet Ski hire and tour operators can offer excellent service and great value for money. Join a guided tour or hire a Jet Ski for the day.

Consider arranging a Jet Ski tour, safari or eco-adventure as a part of your next Australian holiday. Some Tours are available for those with no previous experience or PWC licence.

You will generally need to bring your own sunnies, sunscreen and towel.

If we have learned anything of late, it might be that some of the best and certainly safest holidays in the world, are to be had right here in Australia !

Sadly this page is looking more than a little empty these days. Many operators have gone to ground or shut down completely while the CV hammers the Australian Tourist Industry (and the rest of humanity).

People in the industry who are expecting to survive the financial hardships associated with COVID-19 are welcome to drop me a note so that their links will be added and/or amended as soon as possible post CV.
- your welcome ;-)

Queensland (QLD)

Aquavue Hervey Bay Tours

Cairns jet ski Tours (includes Croc Spotting)
The water version of meals on wheels ;-)

Caloundra Jet Ski Hire/Tours

Jet Ski Safari tours

Whitsunday Jetski Tours

New South Wales (NSW)

Jet Ski Safaris NSW

Southern Water Sports - Jet Ski Hire

Victoria (VIC)

JETLET Jet Ski Hire company

Melbourne Jet Ski Hire

Tasmania (TAS)

Tasmanian Jet Ski Adventures

South Australia (SA)

Western Australia (WA)

Jet Ski Tours Perth

Stag Watersports

Thanks for taking the time - Be smart, enjoy your sport, stay safe and lookout for others!

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